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How is Pizza Contenta made?

It’s easy!

Just like any other Italian pizza:

How are we different?

Our pizza is not round or rectangular. It’s shaped like a cone!

The cone is filled only with ingredients of the greatest quality and it’s ready to serve in only 3 minutes (in Merrychef oven even faster – 1 minute 15 seconds)!

Traditional Italian Pizza vs Pizza Contenta – a comparison

A traditional Italian pizza with salami that’s 26 centimeters wide weighs approximately 400 grams. The mozzarella cheese makes up about 80-90 grams and the salami, another 50 grams. The dough weighs 150 grams.

The Pizza Contenta cone is 14 centimeters in height and weighs about 150-160 grams. The mozzarella cheese makes up 50 grams and the salami, 25 grams. The dough weighs 60 grams.

In conclusion, the amount of cheese and salami in a Pizza Contenta cone is corresponding to the amount of these ingredients that would be used on one half of the traditional Italian pizza mentioned before.

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Nasza Pizza Contenta zdobyła nagrodę na najlepszy produkt dla hotelarstwa i gastronomii w kategorii: Artykuły spożywcze i napoje dla gastronomii, na targach Horeca Gastrofood Kraków 2018!

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